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 Accufast Tabbers at OAMAccufast Tabbers at OAM

The KT and KT2 are similar tabbing modules. The main difference is in the added tabbing head on the KT2 allowing it to apply either 1 or 2 tabs.


Both units are known as crash tabbers in which the edge of the piece to be tabbed is fed into the machine first. That edge contacts the tab which has fed down in front of the piece, pulling the tab from its backing paper. The tab and the piece then crash into a sweep and roller system that folds the tab neatly and tightly to the piece.

Advantages of Crash Tabbers:

  • High productivity. The shortest dimension feeds through the machine increasing production rates at any given speed.

  • Simplicity. Short paper path with no skewing adjustment etc.

  • Accuracy. Tabs fold tight to the edge of the piece and do not drift from left to right.

  • Ideal for off line application.


The examples below show different configurations in use with KT and KT2 tabbers.
Accufast Tabbers at OAM: Custom Configurations
The FX feeder and the 3FV conveyor combine with the KT tabber to make the most reliable single tabbing system going. The FX may also be used in line with a KT2 and features a high speed variant - the FX-03.

Accufast Tabbers at OAM: Custom Configurations

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